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Monday, October 17, 2005

Ray Comfort Removed By Police !

Every morning in California Ray Comfort, one of America's top evangelists, goes to his station on the steps of the courthouse in Los Angeles, and begins to talk to people about Jesus. He is only there for 20 minutes and he never is impolite or in any way invading the privacy of the people who are uninterested. He had never caused any sort of trouble. But this was not good enough for one judge.

The judge declared all of the area around the courts to be "no speech zones." But one thing he failed to do, he failed to give any reason why. There is absolutely no evidence of any problems.
The judge is going to loose this one. It is simply a restriction of Ray Comfort's free speech rights in public places. It is Christ-a-phobia at its worst. The judge simply hates the content of Ray's speech. Shame on him !

You can read more here or by doing a search on this subject on the internet.


Blogger Dan Lacey said...

Many suffering from Christ-a-phobia end up becoming hopelessly addicted to the source of their previous aversion.
Thanks for the story, Bruce.
God bless,

1:19 AM, October 22, 2005  

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