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I am now a simple Grandpa who's life is made richer as each grandchild is born. My wife and I have raised five children and the 30 year love labor of raising them has begun to yield sweet fruit..... And then there are fruits of 30 years in ministry ... I am a satisfied old man full of the joy of the Lord.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Alzheimer Patients Spiritual Memories unaffected

Alzheimer patients who attended mass, though they may not recognize their own children, still sing Amazing Grace and recite the Lord's Prayer.

My mother was like this. She could still connect on spiritual issues even in her advanced stages of Alzheimer. There was still sweet fellowship in the things of God. Once, when she could almost not talk anymore and would only stare at her hands and stroke a handkerchief, I asked her if realized that she had some great days ahead of her. She looked up with life and light in her eyes, smiled, and shook her head as she said,"yes." It was stunning. We sat there and smiled at each other for quite some time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the outward man perishes, but the inward man is renewed day by day . . .

6:40 PM, October 17, 2005  

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