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Monday, October 17, 2005

Supreme Court Banishes Bible In Court Cases

The Supreme Court let stand a lower court ruling that the bible cannot be consulted in decisions about the death penalty. But they would probably would have no problem with a Ouija board !
This is a carnival of absurdity.

But people would ask, "do you want Muslims to be able to consult the Koran before pronouncing sentence?" My answer is, "yes." Everybody consults something. You are who you are. If the culture becomes majority Muslim then Muslim sentencing will happen. There is no such thing as "secular" sentences. It is always somebody's opinion, and just because it is the judges, or case law, does not make it neutral. The sentencing guidelines are set by the laws of the local legislatures and they only reflect the ideas of the individuals that make up that legislature. That is why we have juries of our peers. Not to rubber stamp the legislature, but to oversee them. The sentences should reflect the individuals on the jury without censorship. We are tried by a jury of our peers, not by some secular judicial standard. The jury is not a puppet of the judge.

If the state law allows for the death penalty then it is a option based upon the individual jury members conscience. The judge does not have the right, under God, to tamper with that opinion and eliminate primary sources of the individuals private morality. To imagine some other standard is pollyanna day dreaming. I will have no judge dictate my conscience.

Thus, I will probably never be selected to serve on a jury panel. Unless I hide my morality, in America, I will be rejected in the selection process, because the selection process is biased against my beliefs. This again is another form of judicial tyranny.

Live free or die under the tyranny of the judges. The law has been perverted by judges who are, in their minds, above the law , a law unto themselves and thus are the source of law and the sole interpreters of the same. There, I have said it ! It is time to de-throne the judges.


Blogger Manateechik said...

You will know inside where your morality comes from. It is not something you can separate from your being. However, to actually "consult" your Bible in sentencing is really legally inappropriate...

12:32 AM, October 27, 2005  

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