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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

16,500 In East Los Angeles Mass Grave Remembered In Memorial Service

The grave was sealed on Oct. 6, 1985. A simple marker was placed over the site saying
"In Memory of the 16,500 Precious Unborn Buried Here. Oct. 6, 1985"
They were buried after being found in shipping container that had been repossessed from the owner of a medical lab in Southern California. The container was filled with buckets full of dead baby remains collected from 16,500 abortions.

A legal war broke out over the simple request to give these babies a decent burial that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

Does anybody even remember this atrocity that happened in the US? Of course not. It was not front page news. These children would now be around 23 years old, some graduated from college and beginning to raise children of their own. But they were thrown in buckets of formaldehyde and locked in a shipping container that was not even important enough to pay the rent on. Lord have mercy.
Investigate this story here.


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