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Monday, October 03, 2005

How Goes The War ?

Due to the hurricanes and slow progress in Iraq and Afghanistan, little is known about the current trends and plans of al Qaeda. We, the American people, are not being kept up to date with the activities of al Qaeda. We get reactionary comments to events that have already happened and defensive responses to recent outbreaks of violence. About the only thing we know is that we are fighting "terrorists" in Iraq and are "aggressively" rooting them out of cities near Syria.

But there is much more to the story than that. Today we found out that the cars used in the recent bombings in Iraq were stolen from the US by some car theft ring, loaded on a ship, and delivered to Iraq through adjacent countries. Over 1 million cars are stolen every year in the US. Many are put on ships and transported around the world. Where's the border security? The very cars we drive are stolen, transported to a US harbor, loaded on vessels, unloaded in a foreign port, and driven to the streets of Iraq where they are used as car bombs.

You can read more about this story here. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Actually, I think that the places where we should be looking for al Qaeda is in the places where little or nothing is happening. When a bomb goes off in Bali, it does not mean that al Qaeda is centering their work there. I believe that many of those bombings are diversions. While we are flying in experts, moving navy vessels to better positions, and working with the governments in these cases, al Qaeda is preparing and massing in some future and unknown place. Their strategic plans go way beyond our knee jerk reactions to their fake offensive.

I believe that al Qaeda is re-positioning themselves around Israel after they were kicked out of Afghanistan. Reports are coming in from Egypt that they are in the Sinai on the West side of the Red Sea. They are also massing just West of the Gaza Strip area where the Jewish settlers were recently removed. They are massively supplying the "Palestinian" revolt through tunnel networks, storage bunkers, etc. They have the entire Egyptian Sinai mined and defended just off the main highways. Anyone daring to step off of the main roads is in serious danger. This area has become like a massive Tora Bora area. Fortified and defended. Egyptian forces do not have the strength or man power to deal with this on their own land. Or so they say.

Another area where they are massing is in extreme Western Iraq. Just near the border with Jordan. While US attention is on the Syrian border, al Qaeda, is moving into the Anbar province. They are massing and fortifying their positions in another area and giving only token resistance near Syria. Israel is being surrounded.

The financing of these offensive plans no longer come, simply, from Saudi oil and construction fortunes through Osama Bin Laden. It is coming from organized crime all over the world. From smuggling cigarettes, car theft rings, drugs, and even pornography. Massive amounts of money can accomplish almost anything. And the corruption of the societies of this earth make them ripe for the picking. The amounts of money available seems unlimited.

Are the forces of the false christ (there is a corresponding messiah figure in the Shia' clans of Islam, called al Mahdi, the 12th Imam. Do a web search to find out more) positioning themselves for a death thrust against Israel ? Do the ancient prophecies against Egypt, Syria, and the Arab tribes of the Sinai foretell this event? You tell me ! Who knows ! But the players seem to be moving on the chess board and the set time seems to be marching forward while the US is distracted by many other things.

You can read about these developments in detail here.


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