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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

U of MN Teaches Class On Alcohol Risks

The university has put together a class for parents who are concerned about alcohol risks while their child is matriculating at U of MN. It is only open to families of students and admission is by email and verification of student ID.

I would love to know what they are teaching. I wonder...
How to determine how much you can drink per hour according to your own body weight?
How many students die from suffocating on their own vomit vs. Suicide ?
How to keep your child from frat parties? Low alcohol alternatives?
What is a party house? What does BYOB mean? Which dorm is safest?
Do drinking and sex mix ? Can Mountain Dew lead to alcohol abuse? What about violence?

Or how about.....
Alcohol: A historical survey? An academic approach to alcohol abuse by adolesents ?
Personal meaning through science? Evolutional approach to alcohol?

What can the blind teach the blind? The university and it's values are driving students to drink. Will it teach against itself? Of course not! The problem is alcohol, irresponsibility, and ideas. Not just alcohol and irresponsibility. Ideas have consequences.

You can read the article in the (Red) Star & Trib here.


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