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Friday, September 30, 2005

Wisconsin Leads The USA

Wow ! I never thought I would say that because I live in Minnesota, but the truth is the truth.
The Wisconsin Senate passed three bills through the Senate that were distinctly pro-life.
I am quoting Breaking Christian News on this.
1. A bill requiring doctors to tell women seeking abortions after more than 20 weeks that their fetuses will be able to feel pain during the procedure was approved 21-11.

2. A bill that would force public schools to teach that abstinence from sex as "the preferred choice of behavior" for unmarried people was approved 24-9. The bill also requires that schools would have to devote more time to abstinence than birth control.

3. A bill allowing health care workers to refuse to participate in stem cell research or withdrawing a person's feeding tube if they feel the procedures may violate their religion was approved 21-12. It would also protect workers who abstain from abortions, sterilization and assisted suicide.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle says he will veto the first and third bills but is still undecided on the bill requiring schools to teach abstinence as the preferred choice of behavior.
This "spoiler" role of Jim Doyle will cost him a lot of support. (Except in Madison) These three things are just the tip of the iceberg in what American grass roots wants from government in the way of sanity.

Sometimes I do feel like the whole world has gone insane. In a "domestic partners" escalation in the Netherlands, a man has been allowed to marry two women. In Texas, a boyfriend stomped the stomach of his pregnant girlfriend. At her request. And the list goes on and on. Madness!

You can read more about the Wisconsin story here.


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