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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tornado ? Or Straight Line Winds ?

Six blocks from our house a man died when trying to dodge from his car into his house as a storm climaxed last night. A tree fell on his head and killed him instantly. How quick and fragile life is. It is like the grass. Here one day and then dried up and gone the next.

My daughter and son-in-law lost at least 2 big trees in their yard and had the screens blown out on their screened in porch but, like myself, were saved from the worse that the storm brought. Others had their houses and cars crushed by falling trees.

Last night the power was out and all of the neighborhood was totally dark. It was spooky. I thought of all the people in New Orleans who's neighborhoods are still like this and even worse. The night the storm came through they sat there in the total dark searching for flashlights that would soon be drained of power but they suffered even more than this. Houses floated off of their foundations and thus broke their gas mains. They were surrounded by 10 feet of water and were forced to their rooftops and upper stories if they had them. The rain and wind didn't just last a couple of hours but went on non-stop for over 16 hours. Electric lines were down everywhere and might not be back up for a month yet. Ours should be all back up by Saturday.

We are blessed. But we are also warned. It is easy for God to lift His hand of protection from our lives. We live by His grace.


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