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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Small Groups Warning

Josh McDowell has issued a warning directed towards the small group phenomena coursing through the church. He recognizes the growth trend but suggests that there needs to be a careful observation that there is a good chance that these sorts of groups might digress into the exchange of ideas born of a subjective and secular world view.

The church is so compromised in its understanding of the basics of faith that to turn over the leadership to those who are unaware of how deeply influenced they are by the worlds values is a disaster waiting to happen. A good example would be the Christian truth that man is not basically good. The world thinks otherwise. The world thinks that man is basically good and only needs education and a chance to do the right thing. But if he is educated and given a chance will he really choose to do right? History proves he will not.

Subjective Christianity is a great threat to the youth and the next generation.
That is why we must have the creeds at the core of the church.
You can read about it here.


Blogger Lyn said...

"What does this verse mean to you?" leads to a common pitfall of "anything goes" spirituality, especially in untrained, unsupervised small groups. Still, the impact that "getting small" can have on the larger church is tremendous. Good post, thanks. Lyn from Thought Renewal

8:30 AM, September 15, 2005  

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