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Sunday, September 11, 2005

God's Light Show

As I have mentioned before, my family all goes camping together at least twice a year. We are tent campers and it gets to be a lot of work now that I am 60. But we just got back into town from camping up at Gooseberry Falls State Park on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It was great fun. There are 11 of us now (counting the grandson in the oven) and we simply reserve the group camp grounds when ever and where ever we go.

We have always liked Gooseberry because it has 0 mosquito's due to its proximity to the frigid Lake Superior. The skeets like it a little hotter so they go inland.

One year we went up there when my oldest child was about 8 and we saw a cool version of the Northern Lights that formed a circle directly over our heads. Clear in the center with rays radiating outward. This time God took out all the stops. If I were to rate all the Northern Lights I have seen on a 1 to 10 scale, the best of the other events were mere 5's compared to this full blown 10 that we saw last night. We even took pictures.

It was almost indescribable. It was a light show on such a level that I never even imagined it could be. At times you could see on the ground as clear as on a full moon. The types, colors, and dynamics were off the charts. There was so much to look at that you didn't want to look at one place too long because you would be missing what was going on in another place in the sky out of your field of vision. So we laid our heads back and tried to take in it all. One spectacular burst brought us all to our feet. Picture an open circle in the sky with feathers radiating out from it in a full 360, pulsing with colors and light moving in and out in rings of intensity and hues. Stunning. A family memory for the rest of our lives.

Thank you God. Your awesome.


Anonymous Missy, your daughter-in-law said...

They were amazing, weren't they? The sad part is, they are undescribable to those that didn't see it. And the pictures don't do the work God did that night justice. Micah and I are still talking about them. It was just so cool-one right after the other-to your left-to your right-behind you-and of course right above us! I'm SO glad I didn't go to sleep. I really feel God wanted me to see those because right after I said goodnight to Micah and turned to start walking to the tent, the show started! I feel God wanted me to see them so I would praise Him. I was the entire time! Love you!

8:49 AM, September 13, 2005  

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