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Friday, September 23, 2005

New U of MN Stadium To Cost More Than Thought...Can You Imagine That !

The new football stadium at the U of MN will not be a reality until 2009 ( or later if things run like they usually do ) and it will cost about 13 million more than thought. (Isn't that shocking?)

You know, I think I would fall out of my chair if they ever said it would cost LESS than expected and will be done BEFORE the scheduled date. So much BS should make the soil around the new stadium very fertile.

I wonder how much this new rise in costs is related to the cost of acquiring the land from the railroad ? I understand the U is threatening to use "eminent domain." But wait a minute, isn't that new Supreme Court ruling only for taking the property of normal citizens? Isn't big business exempt? Or was that just my imagination ?

Oh, I just read the rest of the article in the Minneapolis (Red) Star-Tribune. Of course it is the Republicans that have caused the delay and increase. You know, those guys cause trouble all the time. I know it is true because I read it in the newspaper.


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