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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Beyond Belief !

Numerous employee's were eyewitness's to a Kansas doctor microwaving and then eating an aborted baby, but the State refuses to prosecute because there is no law against it? OMG ! And now we hear of a Russian service that makes stem-cell shots out of dead babies that they collect from the abortionists ! Happy Fathers day ?

The fathers don't have a say. The child they created is sold to chemists and made into an anti-aging cream. This is more outrageous than words can express. This is madness!

It costs $9,000 per session and there is heavy demand. Some people will do ANYTHING to make a buck. A dead baby is worth about $200 now. And you can be paid extra if you wait until it is full term before aborting.

Think I am making this stuff up? Read all about it here.
Ideas do have consequences.


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