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Friday, April 01, 2005

Why? Pet Peeve Series II

I do not drink. It is not because of some legalistic tortured interpretation of the word of God, nor is it because of some tradition of a denominational bent. It is because I was a drug abuser and drunkard for over 16 years of my life. Then I was born again, and I was no longer that man. Old things had passed away and all things became new. I no longer sought to escape life, I was alive for the first time.

However, I did develop the taste for a cold beer on a hot day and now there are some really great zero alcohol beers out there on the market. So how is this a pet peeve, you ask? Well, it seems like everybody just wants to believe that they put an ounce or two of sinful evil in each beer that is manufactured. Think about it, the evil is not in the beer! Beer is a beverage. It is not evil. And now they make beer without alcohol. What could be better than that?

But no-o-o-o! There must be something wrong with drinking it? One of the first things they say is, "it has some alcohol in it." Well so do apples and bread. By law, they must declare some alcohol in it so they say that there is anywhere from 00.1% to 00.5% This is less than one proof. But really, there is less than that. If you drank a twenty four pack you would have no more of a buzz than if you were drinking orange juice.

It is produced by brewing beer and then putting it through a reverse osmosis purification process. There is no alcohol remaining because the alcohol molecule is too big to pass through the membrane. This, by the way, is a very expensive process and only the biggest breweries can afford to do it.

Well, the summer is coming and I will be once again diving off into the decadent world of having a zero alcohol beer or two after mowing the lawn. Please pray for me so I won't have three.


Blogger OptimusHenry said...

Just say NO to alcohol...
And YES to caffeine!

8:22 PM, April 05, 2005  

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