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Friday, April 15, 2005

Throw 'Em A Bone !

The anti-Christians at the U of MN have thrown a bone to Students For Family Values, a student organization. A mere $5000 response to their funding request.

After being stiffed by the fees committee, the review by Jerry Rinehart, associate vice provost for student affairs, yielded a token supporting fund of $5000 during 2005. I am sure that this is hush money for the injustice that the fees committee committed months ago.

There is so much bias against the traditional family (Christian) viewpoint at the university that there is no awareness to the fact that maybe 30% of the students support this viewpoint. This is due in part to active repression of any vocalization of the viewpoint in the public sector and the activist repression and deconstruction of the viewpoint in many classrooms. The PC university believes its own spin of reality to be truth. There is not even a "separate but equal" accommodation of Christians.

$5000 doesn't even keep the lights on. Many, many other secular, non-Christian groups receive much, much more funding. It is hard to find any support for the traditional viewpoint. And opposition borders on violence in the every day affairs of the university.

You can read about it all here.

Update... I forgot to mention that MPAC, the group that brought us Michael Moore and Sex In The City's Candace Bushnell at Coffman was totally refunded at it fees request level by Jerry Reinhardt. Thanks to Marty Wingard for reminding me of this.


Blogger Midwest Jay said...

The U is a bloated waste of money and fees. I went Extension to avoid the fees of CLA and don't regret it one bit. Of course, as a member of an "evil" fraternity, who supported ourselves, I will probably never understand the needs of the underfunded morons.

1:24 AM, April 19, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is talk of reforming the system to create objective criteria for a "baseline" amount of funding. This is a bad idea. The "baseline" would be $5,000 and there would be unfettered discretion for anything over this amount -- thus preserving the status quo.

The only solution is to remove all discretion from the fees process and have objective criteria for every dollar amount awarded.

Then once they are flooded by groups that meet the objective criteria, the University will take seriously some form of opt out.

12:12 PM, April 20, 2005  

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