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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Technology Tomorrow At The City Gates

Here is an interesting little web site by Hitachi. After viewing this I was overwhelmed with a quick glimpse of tomorrow. Storage devices will increase capacity 10X This means that my 60 gig iPod now will hold 600 gig. My cell phone/iPod/Palm Pilot will become my connection to the world. All media will be accessible on it. I can download, store, and watch later any sports event, etc. on it. I can have web robots search the web every hour looking for the latest word on any topic that is posted anywhere in the world and report it to me on my cell phone within the hour, from which I can then create my own email or web page and inform others of what I have learned.

The evening news will be 5 hours old before it catches up. The newspaper will be 36 hours old before it catches up and by then the circumstances might have changed or it go unreported. I can download enough music to travel to California and back in my car and not listen to the same song twice and broadcast it to my car radio from my cell phone as I am rolling down the highway and still have enough storage space to put all of my photos from my life into it and watch them refresh every 10 seconds. I would not have then used even one half of my storage capabilities.

No longer do I go to the CD store to buy new music. I simply dial up a favorite music link and download digital music as I discover it, yet not having to purchase all of the other trash music on the same CD. I then link to my computer and burn a hard copy for back up in case I drop my iPod/cell phone/ computer into the lake. I simply attach whatever I like to an email and mail it to my self. Music stores become virtual because it does not require rental footage at the mall or inventory. They are happy because they make a greater profit margin.

I listen to the Bible on my radio (via my cell phone) whenever I get tired of music or audio books. I create a word document simply by opening windows on my cell phone/iPod/ Palm pilot. Then I attach that to an email and mail it to myself and whoever I am addressing.

Are we connecting? Can you see the potential? Instantly, anywhere in the world, as a subject is posted, it comes to you. Who needs Dan Rather? For that matter, who needs "Power Line?"

There is a new web site called "Blogsnow" that is constantly searching the WWW looking for all the news being talked about on blogs around the world in this hour. Have you looked at it yet? You can see it here.

These are the new world wide "city gates." Blogsnow is a web site where the topics that people are talking about at this moment in time are posted. The new city gates is the very place where things are learned, judged, and promoted or sentenced to stoning. We Christians need to be sitting there, for there will not be a vacuum if we are not present. Somebody else will be sitting in our place.

I hope this post has helped to expand your thinking about this subject. If so please comment with any further thoughts you might have. Thanks.


Anonymous Andreas Wacker said...

Thanks for the interesting perspective.
And for the mentioning of blogsnow.


10:44 PM, April 12, 2005  
Blogger OptimusHenry said...

I've thought about how technology is progressing and where it's going. To me the natural, long term progression is towards an implantable chip giving people this type of access to the world's information just by thought. There would be no need for monitors or speakers as the images and sounds are downloaded straight to the brain. Whether we get to that before Jesus' return is the question...
I heard on the radio a little while back that Sony is developing a TV that produces smells of what's on the show. The way it does it is by generating some kind of electrical impulse that triggers the memory of that smell in your brain. So the scent doesn't actually exist but your brain tells you it's there. I don't know about anyone else, but that SCARES me...

10:26 PM, April 14, 2005  

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