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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Google Movies Is A Rip Off

Many of you have heard that Google has moved faster than iPod to capture the uploaded movie market. They offer a "free" service... But wait, there's more... Read the fine print....You might owe them your first born son if you are negligent in reading the "terms of service."

Maybe we should call them Greedle? Wake up kiddies, there is no "free lunch." Just wait until your blog eats up too much band width. The knock on your door may or may not be your neighbor coming to borrow an egg.

Please, please, read about it here before you upload your hours of work in hopes of someone recognizing your genius.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well in Google's defense, they offer you the ability to make people pay a small fee for some of your movies. Why not have some content in there that you charge a few bucks for? I'm sure that that would make up the difference.

5:20 PM, April 14, 2005  

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