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Monday, March 07, 2005

Do You Reason From The Bible?

Although my background is in science, I fear that science has become the god of the new age. Science is, after all and in my opinion, mans attempt to know God. But man attempts to establish God in his own image instead of the other way around. So he develops all kinds of theories or should I say unsubstantiated hypothesise about what he sees based upon his own bias.

Often I am asked, "are you a liberal or a conservative?" I usually answer, "yes." But really, I am neither. I am a man who reasons from the Bible. I have accepted the bible as interpreted by
(1.) Itself and,
(2.) Communion with the Holy Spirit
as the center truth of my life.

Scary isn't it? But I have staked everything on it and if it fails, I fail. But God cannot fail.

I have used the bible to interpret everything in life. Politics, economics, relationships, history, science, etc. And I just sort of blindly believe it (I admit this freely). But I didn't start this until I was 32 years old and had seen every other system of "knowing" fail and fall.

The question, "Are you liberal or conservative?" needs to be closely looked at. Yes the liberals base their reasoning on man and mans institutions but so do conservatives. "If the blind lead the blind they both fall into the ditch."

Ok, let me get to my point. Do you reason Biblically or as a conservative / liberal? Or even worse, as a republican / democrat? Maybe you ought to take a test and find out. It is a test that was developed by the Nehemiah Institute.

You can take the test here. This test is called the Peers test and it will shock you. It is comparing historical biblical reasoning vs. current socialist type reasoning. Give it a try.


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