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Monday, March 31, 2008

Fitna Video

What would get me back to blogging? My personal vanity? Nah! A desire to be another vehicle of truth in this world? Probably.

What I am putting up this blog for after not blogging since Nov. 15th 2007 ? To be just one more site on the WWW where you can locate the video done by a man named Geert Wilders called Fitna. A video that all Americans must see. All of the civilized world must see. And then there must be many more like it until violent Islam is exposed.

America and, for that matter most of Christianity, has become so complacent due to prolonged peace and prosperity that it almost does not believe that there is pure evil in the world today. Radical Islam is evil. And every time that this is said publicly it is censored. Wikileaks believes in free speech.

Islam deeply needs Christ Jesus.

Here is the link.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dear....

It really not fair of you to say this about Islam, while you have no evidence....i agree with you that maybe some muslims are extreme and behave violently, however, this can be said by christians and people from different faiths all around the world (Ireland, WWW1 & 2, americans in Iraq and Israelian in palestine) hence you cant say judaism is a violent religion because israelis kill children and women everyday in palestine???? same goes for ISLAM.....

I would advice to read the Quran and the lif eof the beloved prophet before you spread anything about any religion because this will lie on your consciousness?

ISLAM is peace......

I pray that the lord opens your heart to this beutiful religion

With love....

Your sister in humanity

4:35 AM, April 16, 2008  

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