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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Intelligent Design

Here at the U of MN we are spectators to a one sided fight. Chris Macosko, a Minnesota chemical engineering professor and a public Christian, does not apologize for his thoughts about intelligent design. He does not allow the U to intimidate him back from his belief. He also makes it plain that there is more to science than the evolutionists admit. He teaches a course called, "Origins: By Chance Or Design" Mostly, he just shows the weaknesses in Darwinism.

But this makes another professor at the Universities Morris branch bristle. P.Z. Myers of the Morris Biology Department cannot stand this sort of talk. It must make his ears bleed or something because his reaction to Chris Macosko is way over the top. Maybe he is just using the forthrightness of Mr. Macosko to leapfrog over in his ambition to be the worlds greatest something or the other. Maybe his ambition does not allow others to think differently than himself. Maybe he is just another alpha male who can't help but fight with people he perceives as weaker than he is. i.e. Christians. But I have three words for him..."Let it go. "
You will not catch the disease you so greatly fear.

The whole scientific reaction to Intelligent Design is hard for me to understand. It is as dogmatic, entrenched, and knee jerk as the stereotype of Christian dogmatism was at the Skopes trial. By the simple device of requiring "naturalistic" explanations, all other methods are judged as being "not scientific." Then the hunt and kill begins. P.Z. has called for the university to censure Macosko.

Chris Macosko is a great man. He is loving, kind, reasonable, and is not an air headed space cadet. He doesn't deserve such contempt. Hey P.Z., find something else to do. I thought you atheist guys were all for "free speech" and "open minds."

Here is the article that set me off.


Blogger Paolo di LautrĂ©amont said...

I'm an italian son of a pastor (strange case in this country!). I send you something about us.

Still now I can't read in conservatives italian newspapers, the true question about the post communist holding system, called Cooperative LEGACOOP.
Nevertheless it was a very big trouble, last summer, when the postcommunist party insurance company UNIPOL tried to buy one of the most important italian bank, the BNL, against the spanish Bank of Bilbao.
The governor of Bankitalia (Bank of Italy), Antonio Fazio was part of the war, trying to help the Unipol, that is linked to the first postcommunist bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena (the oldest bank of the world born in 1472). UNIPOL got 20 billion euros last year, but BNL is bigger a lot. Strange case.
Now the jump to Unipol is broken, the management of Unipol is impeached for many crimes (the top manager Mr. Consorte had 50 millions euros in a Swiss bank). The DS, the post communist party, is accused to have the biggest conflict of interest, bigger than the Berlusconi conflict.
In fact, if the mr. Berlusconi tv broadcast Mediaset (3 channels) has 5600 workers, the red cooperatives have 500.000 workers!
Moreover the DS is allied to the mr. Prodi (the ex UE President) party, the Margherita Party, linked with an other holding of cooperatives, named CONFCOOPERATIVE. Both all the leftist cooperatives have ONE MILLION WORKERS, billing every year 100 BILLION EUROS OF SALES.
But is not this the true question of the postcommunist power. The fact is that almost all municipalities and provinces and italian regions (the some of the single states for USA) are in hands of DS and MArgherita parties. So they can give jobs and work public orders to the cooperatives holding. So thousands of mayors, councillors, and members of regional councils, may lawfully give money to their parties, their parents and friends working in the cooperatives, that do every thing: facilities, roads, buildings, social welfare, supermarkets, upkeeps...
Italy may be conquered by this system, that improve the old leninist State capitalism. What gloomy prospects!

10:18 AM, January 11, 2006  
Blogger Stuart B said...

I guess they don't want us reading that article...

7:10 PM, January 11, 2006  
Blogger Ed Darrell said...

That's right -- non-science explanations are not science, and shouldn't be taught as science.

I've looked at Macosko's course, and he doesn't come close to teaching any of the weaknesses of Darwinian theory. His course appears unrelated to the life sciences at all.

But consider were the shoe on the other foot: What if Myers were to teach a course that claims the pruduction of gasoline from petroleum is magic, and that no chemical engineer knows what the devil he or she is talking about? All he'd be doing is showing the weaknesses of atomic theory -- should we allow such courses?

Why not? How would it be any different from what Macosko is doing?

5:39 PM, January 14, 2006  

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