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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Coming Islam/Christian Firestorm

There is a firestorm brewing on the horizon. Like a grass fire that is burning at it's edges and has not yet reached it's full potential of flammable mass, there are many fires growing towards the future firestorm.

There are two worldviews on collision course and the worse is yet to come. When the Islamic states were little heard from, the rest of the world went on it's merry way, but due to our need for oil and our desire for marketshare many things are being negotiated right now. Fully 1/3 of the world population is Islamic. This cannot be avoided, like an elephant in the living room, it does the world no good to ignore it.

One British airline that services Saudi Arabia, now requires it's employees to remove all Christian crucifix necklaces etc. before staffing the flight. The are restricted from displaying or reading the bible in flight and the women are required to wear head scarves when they pull this shift. Homosexual flight attendants call in sick when they have this rotation because the penalty for homosexuality in Saudi Arabia is death.

In another item, the 12th Inman is on his way. He is the equivalent of our Messiah or Christ. Although he is a Shiite faith object, much of Islam believes in him and thinks his "return" is soon. I have reported on this in past issues of this blog. He is said to have disappeared or gone into occlusion in 941 AD and is expected to "reappear" any minute now. He will rule for 8 years and bring about a final judgment and the end of the world according to Shiite faith. He is known as the Madhi.

Just as the 2nd coming of Christ affects Christian thinking and decision making, Madhi affects the decisions of the Shiites. This permeates all of the Shiite society which is not just a few people. Islam believes it is destined to rule the world. (As Jews and Christians do also.)

I think God simply knows that it is He who will rule the world. He knows fully what lies ahead and we only know in part. But I believe many will be shocked that it is not them who rule. And the problems it will cause will continue to escalate. I do not see peace in our immediate future. I see a lot of screaming at each other before a false peace comes. This will then give way to the true kingdom of God on the earth. There will only be one King. I don't think He will be called the Madhi. Compromise cannot settle this issue. We all will need a lot of love, mercy, and respect.


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