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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sex On TV Doubles In Seven Years

Sex, 24 x 7 x 365 Sex all the time.

You would think that man cannot live without sex. You would think that sex is more important than food and water. You would think that sex is all that anybody thinks about. You would think that everybody is doing "it" multiple times a day, every day. Why would you think this?
Because you watch TV.

Now remember, we are not talking about commercials. We are talking about the programs.
The number of sex scenes on TV has doubled in just 7 years. I quit watching "programs" on TV in 1977 because it was so bad even back then.

All that I watch is news, sports, documentaries, and educational shows, but even these have gone nuts ! Now they have history programs about how the ancient cultures did the nasty and wrote it on the walls. You have sports programs about how female athletes managed to get into their volleyball shorts. You have news programs covering the latest sex practice in nursing homes. You have documentary films of taboo sexual practices of Eskimos and ladybugs. (Why do they think I am interested in how amoebas mate?)

I think we should hook all TV producers up to electrodes embedded in the pleasure centers of their brains and give them a button to push. This might keep them occupied until we can fill the moral Grand Canyon of emptiness in the hearts of men and women in America.

The new Kaiser Family Foundation survey tells us about these increases, and goes on to tell us that the number of programs that talk about responsible sex or safer sex has decreased during the same time frame. Why ?

Why does the industry ignore their potential to be part of the solution and instead choose to be a source of the problem? At the rate of 5 sex scenes per hour. Can they not see the problem? Every day we have someone else being abducted and found dead. It is as if there are rabid dogs roaming our neighborhoods seeking only one thing. And everybody makes believe that they are "not so bad. "

"Kids who have repeated exposure to sexual content become sexually active at an earlier age. The research is absolutely there," said Tim Winter, executive director of the Parents Television Council.
Teens watch an average of three hours of TV a day, according to Kaiser.
This trend must have spiritual roots. The problem is growing like the mold in the walls of New Orleans. It will eventually take the house down. Wake up America.


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