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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Worldview 9

We have spoken about how one knows anything. We have pointed out the foolishness of excluding the word of God and a relationship with the Creator in our evaluation of life. If we do this we cut ourselves off from any solid truth. We need a "truth" that is immune to the slings and arrows of time and relativity. But do we ever think about how eternal truth is necessary for governing society?

All laws are moral values. All laws embody someone's idea of virtue. Any eternal values that are left in our society are a remnant of blessing. All modern current and changing values should be suspect. New values and beliefs are at the whim of man. I have prepared a couple slides to help explain this.

Most people simply look to nature and what is around them to make their values decisions in life. Those values become a type of law to them that they evaluate and relate to others with.

But Christians have some more historic and thus unchangeable sources of truth. The truth of the Word and the truth as ministered by the Holy Spirit. Their current and passionate values are tempered by this eternal input.

Many people fail to see this additional source of truth as important. But these ideas (or lack of ideas) can lead people entirely different views of life (worldview. )

These influences of non-biblical values are not just a part of our current dilemma. They have been here and had effect upon man since the beginnings of civilization.

American history and European history have taken two different routes. Although America was influenced by the Greek viewpoint, it was formed out of the Hebrew perspective.

Things are going to pick up now in this series. All of this so far in the first 9 posts is just to lay the groundwork for the meat of what we need to discuss on this topic.


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