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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Multicultural Vs. Multiculturalism

Certainly another one of the buzz words for the 21st century is the word multiculturalism. You can find it throughout the departments and publications of the University of Minnesota, as well as you can in most state universities. Morris university has an annual spring event on the mall called, "Multiculturalism On The Mall."

To be multicultural is a desired goal. To know about the world and its societies can only work to broaden your own usefulness to your own society and give you an appreciation for different values. But multiculturalism is another thing all together.

Multiculturalism is the view that all societies are culturally equal. That is to say that no one social system is superior to another. After the persecution of the Jews in WWII this idea of equality was an easy sell to a world that could plainly see how Germans considered themselves the master race. But Oh! How things have changed.

Now days, the Jews are again being persecuted, but this time it is because they think their religious values are better than their neighbors. They are just so arrogant as to think God gave them the land.

Ideas, customs, traditions, values, have consequences. Not all are equal. Burning infants to death to appease a sun god is not an equal idea to cherishing all of life. The Hindu custom of burning young widows with their dead husbands when they are cremated is not equal to Jesus example of the value of women.

Multiculturalism is an idea at war with itself. It should not be given any support. It should be vigorously opposed. In the end, it is indefensible. Multiculturalism is a political tool of Socialism which is an inferior idea that is alive and well in our educational systems today. Light needs to be shone on the subject.


Blogger Jeremy Pierce said...

Some people use the word 'multiculturalism' simply to refer to the view that we should accept and appreciate what's good in any culture, welcoming people of all cultures.

8:25 AM, April 22, 2005  

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