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Monday, April 18, 2005

Go Big Orange!

Well! Well! Well! One of the ladies in our church is a refugee from Communist Ukraine and so I have had a real interest in the developments towards Democracy over there in Europe. I must admit, about 10 years ago I had little hope for any revival of Christianity or return to democracy from the Communist or Socialist strangle hold on Europe. I am beginning to believe and hope once again!

This report is from Joel News, a Christian e-newsletter that I have been a part of since its inception. I can't help but wonder why this sort of thing is not reported on in the conservative blogdom on the web. They will speak of democracy but they will rarely speak of its roots in the spiritual lives of the people. I am waiting for revival to hit the conservative bloggers and the end of mere "cultural Christians." "Ye must be born again!" Here are a few quotes from the newsletter.

The most interesting event took place when the Prime Minister took her Oath of Office on February 3, 2005 as President Yushenko listed his agenda for the country. What shocked the whole country was the fact that he took a clear and unprecedented stand against corruption. He said:

a) My government will NOT STEAL! I know it is a fantasy in Ukraine to hear this, but I assure you that this government will not steal anything from the public. I take full responsibility for my government's actions.

b) My government will never give or receive bribes! I demand this standard from every member of this government and I say right now, that if anyone is caught giving or taking a bribe, he will suffer the full penalty of the law. I also would like to say that if you catch any member of this government in bribery or theft, it is your responsibility, as citizens, to please report the situation to me, that I might take immediate action.

c) To the Parliament, I want you to know that we will never use money to shift lobby votes! That practice has ended, as of today! I demand that the principle of openness, transparency and uprightness filter throughout every department and cabinet. No decision should be taken in secret. Everything must be done openly and in public view.

Then the Prime Minister came (she came) to the stand, and made one simple point: "Our government has come to the conclusion that Ukraine can never rise on her feet until she bows down her knees before the Almighty God."
You can read the complete post here.


Anonymous ore said...

Corruption goes from the top down. When the leadership is corrupt it flows down through every facet of authority from President to Ministers, to Judges, to COPS yes COPS and through to the people (take it from a Nigerian).
THank God that this government is one of righteousness, i believe that righteousness is and will be top down in this country. After all when Israel had Godly Kings the nation prospered.

11:21 AM, April 24, 2005  

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