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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

All Ideas Are Not Equal

The opinion page of the Minnesota Daily today out did itself. I find myself closing my eyes in exasperation. Here is the headline.
Ideas on diversity, multiculturalism and their value to our culture
We must realize our personal struggles are interconnected -- Multiculturalism is necessary until we have equality

OMGosh ! Multiculturalism is necessary until we have equality? LISTEN ! IDEAS AND CULTURES ARE NOT EQUAL. Some are just plain dumb and lead to the extinction of people. Ideas have consequences. Have we learned nothing in our 6000+ years of history?

Here are some quotes from the articles;

...The work of the left now is to unlearn our internalized oppression, which has been built into the very structure of our society so skillfully that it is virtually invisible to those who don’t personally experience it...
...Minorities would not demand equality if the dominant race has not shown acute signs of differences and superiority...

Do you see what we are up against here? If oppression is "virtually invisible" then is it oppression at all? Or is it just that nice folks disagree with you and don't want to help you hurt yourself? If all that these folks can come up with in the way of oppression is writing on the walls of bathrooms then I don't see any sense of protecting them with laws, institutions, and tax money.

Can't we see that these are spoiled, over the top, kids who have now become adults and they want the game to be played their way and if it isn't they want to cause problems?

Look at this quote.

Safe spaces exist for marginalized groups, not to segregate, but to allow for community building around shared experiences of identity and oppression, and yes, to build self esteem and reinforce pride in ourselves and our cultural backgrounds and histories.

Safe spaces? Because people are trying to hurt you? People are out to get you? So you need safety islands in the big world of bullies who write on walls? Did you ever think that the group might be "marginalized" because it has ideas that are proven over 6000+ years of history to be less than world changing?

Why do the real, true, liberals always sound like whiners? If you whine too much you defeat the very purpose for which you strive. You loose all credibility. Nobody wants to play with you. You will never get picked for the team.

But I guess this sort of talk only oppresses you.

If anybody left out there wants to read the entire opinion piece you can read it here


Blogger Aaron said...

O, but Bruce, you're forgetting that this is standard operating procedure for the Self-Anointed liberal elite in Phase 2 of their typical 4-phase answer to social problems as espoused by Thomas Sowell:

(1) Say that there is a problem. Even if the evidence shows that there is no problem or that the problem is in decline, that doesn't matter. The Self-Anointed say there is a problem, so there is.

(2) Propose a typical, naive Self-Anointed solution to the problem. The Benighted of the Right will now quickly point out why this solution will just make things worse. And the Self-Anointed will resort to standard answer #1: "You're just simplifying things too much. The problem is more complicated, nuanced, and subtle then you realize. Don't worry; our plan will work."

(3) If allowed to proceed, the Self-Anointed solution will be initiated and, like clockwork, will fail with the 100% prophetic accuracy of the Benighted of the Right.

(4) The Self-Anointed will now proceed to explain to the Benighted why the new situation would have been that much worse had their plan not been initiated. So thank them for their wisdom.

Don't you see, the writer of your wonderful article is busy condescendingly patting you on the head and telling you that the problem of a pluralistic and multicultural society is far too subtle and nuanced to be simplified the way you're simplifying it. You just need to trust him and let him in his wisdom make the decisions.


Two key example given by Thomas Sowell of this pattern in action:

(1) Problem: Alleged problem of rising teen pregnancy, etc. in the 60's. Solution: Sex education, teach the kids all about sex. "If they knew the consequences and the dangers and exactly what behaviors caused these problems, then surely they would avoid the situations. Telling kids all about sex won't make them obsessed with sex, it will make them reluctant and afraid of sex."

(2) Problem: Increase in crime, particularly violent crime in the 60's. Solution: Abandon penitentiaral thinking for correctional thinking. "Criminals aren't evil and selfish and need not be broken and repentant; they're ignorant of how they're hurting others. If they were educated about their actions, they wouldn't commit crime."

Have a great day. :)

3:11 PM, March 08, 2005  
Blogger Marty said...

I have a hard time admitting I even work for the Minnesota Daily. Reading that column gave me the shivers.

4:53 PM, March 09, 2005  

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