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Saturday, June 14, 2008


When I first moved into our house in the "hood" of North Minneapolis I saw a kingfisher from time to time down by Shingle Creek. But that was 21 years ago and I have not seen one of these since then, until this week. I was very blessed.
And a male pheasant comes and checks out our yard every morning. Not bad for the center of such a large metro area.

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Blogger Carlton said...

The only birds I see in the heart of the hood are pigeons.

I remember watching birds with others growing up: cardinals, blue jays, and half-capped chickadees. That's the extent of my knowledge now, so it's neat to see someone else's.

I see what looks like orioles (sp?) in MN, but I think I was told that they are not exactly true orioles.

Furthermore, I do know the Great Blue Heron. And people always ask: "Are you sure that's it's name: Great Blue -- ?".

3:50 AM, July 13, 2008  

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