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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Media Ignores 2007 D.C. March For Life

There were at least 200,000 marchers in D.C. for the peaceful 2007 March for Life. Yet most newspapers buried the event several pages deep if they mentioned it at all. Contrast that to the coverage that the media gave the anti-Bush/war rally last week. Most honest estimates were that there were only 10's of thousands there.

Coverage never showed the total crowd in either event. They did not show the total crowd at the march for life because they wanted it to look small (if they showed a picture at all). They did not show the total crowd at the anti-Bush rally because it was embarrassingly small. (Police estimated it to be no more than 20,000 although many media outlets said it was 100,000)

I am sick and tired of the manipulation by the media. No wonder most of the US watches Fox News now. NBC is just about dead. In a last ditch effort to get market share, they have begun to be outwardly liberal in their slant. They no longer pretend to be mainstream. NBC's days are numbered and newspapers are loosing readers every year. Just the facts please.

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