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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Evangelical Atheists

It seems that atheists in America have gone evangelical. They are sending paid preaches of futility to university campuses. Once there, they share the wonders of "reason" in open air and private settings.

I guess if the Christian church won't shout it from the housetops, the anti-faith folks will.
Imagine ! You can read more here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post-Kantian anti-reason, no doubt.
Imagine all the people.
It was just a matter of time. I was almost waiting for it. The world is so fragmented, as the Church is so fragmented. What will unify the world? Maybe the one-ness delusion you preached on years ago. I forgot the core of it, was it simply humanism or was it one common generic god spiritualism that binds us all together... yes, I think it was that. Well, the Atheists will look foolish. "Foolish". :)

2:47 PM, November 17, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Gilson said...

It makes me wonder what it is about atheism that motivates them to try to (ahem) evangelize it so. The only thing that makes sense is that the more atheists there are, the more they'll be left alone--they won't be hearing Biblical guidance on morality they don't want, for example.

6:32 PM, November 19, 2006  

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