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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Helium Evidence for A Young World

Take a look at this work on the helium-leak of zicons (radioactive crystals)
They argue for a young earth. The argument seems pretty convincing.
You can see the article here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A quistian's 3-part history of the world... by quistian. Major characters played by Uranium and Helium. Featuring Polonium. No grips. Not long, long ago, in a galaxy near near here.

Once upon a time a scientist found Uranium. Picking up the pace of the story, Uranium decays over billions of years into Lead, with a byproduct along the way being Helium. There is matter that is old. Yet God created the Earth "old". Furthermore, the word created consists more of "ordered" than "made". The main focus of the creation story was never on matter itself, but moreso on function per se. The Earth was formless. Apparently "in the beginning" which we know, matter existed already.

Second upon a time, three Polonium isotopes of Uranium play a part in making "halos" in granite. This polonium situation radioactively produces halos that last for an instant. Granite is all over the globe. Halos are found in granite everywhere. So the granite was cooled, all simultaneously, in an instant. Very cool. Very, very cool. The Earth was formed, in firmaments, in an instant as the Bible says.

Third. Bird,bird,bird. A bird is a word. Regardless, now we see that Helium is emitting from Uranium in zircons supporting the foregoing story; and the rate matches an origination on a 6,000 year timescale, instead of a multi-billion year timescale. The Earth is 6 thousand years old, which roughly matches what the Bible says, again. Wow, not even 11,000 years, but more precisely 6,000.

We don't have to wrap our heads around Pre-Cambrian Explosions, just potential Uranium explosions, as one-third of everything will die before the very end. Will it be an asteroid/meteor or Nukes. Even if science can figure it out, it still can't solve it. The Bible says.

10:09 PM, October 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking the Earth was *formless*. Of course in the [very] beginning God created light, and thereby probably matter, the way I understand it. All matter is energy and contains photons. Light is photons. What is this, a preface or an aftermath? My appendix hurts.
Corny, I know.

10:15 PM, October 19, 2006  

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