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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The "Sex and So Much More Show" Is coming

Yes folks,
Your Minneapolis convention center has, in it's wisdom, worked hard to get the best conventions for our fair city. Bring the kids, bring grandma, and come to the Minneapolis Convention Center Nov. 17 - 20 where you will see, in their words....
The Concept

The Sex and So Much More Show is an upscale consumer trade show that showcases everything and anything to do with sex, sensuality, romance, and self-improvement.

This stimulating show is exciting and alluring to an affluent, liberal minded audience.

The Objectives

We are hosting a forum that displays the hottest trends in the sex industry that will also include informative demonstrations, entertainment, and contests.

Sex no longer has to be taboo, we want to bring the intrigue and mystery into the open and into the bedroom (or wherever you choose to have your fun!)

We are dedicated to satiating the curiosity of singles and couples alike in a provocative yet non-threatening environment.

The Show

Our show will include lingerie, toys, games, clothing, candy, travel and leisure, self improvement, fitness, cosmetics and so much more.

There will be hot entertainment and a beer garden, as well as fashion shows, contests, and appearances by famous adult celebrities.
Do we need this sort of business in our business "community?" What is the benefit for the city? Shouldn't this be under a brown cover? Or am I just an old Christian fundamentalist?

Prayer Transformation Ministries has asked for prayer cover for this event. I shiver when I think of the darkness and emptiness this will bring to our town. I get mad when I think of one more sexual predator lurking in our neighborhoods. Please pray.


Blogger Edwin said...

You are just an old Christian fundamentalist. Enjoy your life in the Dark Ages, but some of us actually want to live on the planet earth, where everybody has the plumbing to f***, the desire to f***, and is not prevented by the hand of God from f***ing, so I really don't see how f***ing can be against God's plan. If it was so all-fired important that we not have sex outside of a monogamous love, would it have been so hard for God to make it so we had no other choice? Nearly every animal in Nature can only mate at a specific season, and several creatures are compulsively monogamous, pining away alone if their mates die rather than "betray" them. You folks have the right to say you don't want anything to do with sex, but you have no business saying that other people don't have the right to live their life however they want, and certainly a convention targeted at married couples in search of a little spice (I should know, I was there as a single wanker looking for perversity, and I saw precious little of it) is not going to manufacture sexual predators; it makes more sense to blame God than commerce for putting an urge toward rape in their head (or is he not all-powerful, and thus responsible for everything that happens in the world, as you have always claimed?).

7:47 AM, November 09, 2007  

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