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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why We Sued The University Of Minnesota

Here we go again. This time at SIU (Southern Illinois University) The Christian Legal Society there was forced to file a lawsuit in order to preserve the meaning of who they are. Because they are a Christian group they naturally want their members and officers to be Christians. But no-o-0 ! The Christian Legal Society has had to ask for a preliminary injunction in order to stop the university officials from suspending their campus benefits as a student group.

What has happened to the minds of the campus officials? Have they gone mad? Christians have the right to be Christians and freely associate with other Christians. They can say whatever they want and believe the bible freely and openly.

We felt we needed to sue the University of Minnesota last year for the same reason. We sued in a pre-emptive manner. Before we were restricted on campus. We knew we needed to do this because of what had already happened at Rutgers and Tufts. This insanity is slowly working its way through the university system of this country.

The University of Minnesota never even went to court. They settled out of court with our very good and dedicated attorneys from the Alliance defense team.

You can read about the case at SIU here.


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