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Sunday, June 12, 2005

25 Cent Emergency

There is a real war going on between the Colorado and Minnesota governors and it is over who has the best design on their states version of a quarter. It is time for all Minnesotan' people to speak up and be heard. The call from the MOB elder has gone out to us. Go now to
Vote early and vote often over this point of pride. And if you are still confused about all of this here are a few reasons to vote for Minnesota.
1. We have boats... they have only trees and mountains.
2. But we also have trees... and they are on hills so big that we even call them mountains.
3. We have one of the worlds most adorable water birds. Who can't love a Loon?
4. We have a state motto. The best they can do is "colorful?"
5. We were a official state a full 18 years before them.
6. Oh, and did I mention lakes and fishing ?
Come on ! You don't even have to think about it. Vote now !
Thanks Chad for the heads up. We were all falling asleep watching the PBS fundraising drive on this beautiful Sunday night.


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