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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Electomagnetic Pulse Problems

One of the growing threats that Americans are becoming aware of is the threat of a low-yield nuclear weapon being set off in the atmosphere 200 miles over the North American continent.
This could be accomplished by anybody who has a boat, a scud missile, and small nuclear bomb. We have no defense against it. Yet.

And it would send us back to the 19th century and cause maybe millions of deaths over time as it would knock out our electrically dependent infrastructure. This phenomena is called Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Due to a rush of free electrons all electrical conducting components would be shorted out. Only the most vital of military counter strike facilities would be immune. Even some of Canada and Mexico would be knocked out. Phones, lights, water plants, sewers, computers and even cars and trucks would be damaged beyond quick repair. With on demand inventories running at about a 3 day supply, we would be out of food in about a month. Water would be a crisis in about 3 days. It could take as much as 2 years of good luck to get the total infrastructure back up and running, if we could get the supplies to do it. And no supplies are stockpiled for such an event.

We found out about this potential when we set a bomb off 250 miles over the Pacific in the early 60's and Hawaii shorted out over 870 miles away. Even Australian radio was affected. This scared us and Russia enough to sign an Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty. We mere mortals never even heard about it.

To harden the infrastructure enough to survive such an attack is economically unworkable and would take decades. With Iran's 20+ years of work they will probably have a nuclear bomb soon. Reagan was probably right. Star Wars technology is probably vital to our survival.

Maybe this is why we don't see America in the prophetic scriptures? But heck, Simpsons come on in 5 minutes so I better wrap this up for now.


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