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Monday, May 16, 2005

News Weak

I think Michelle Malkin said it best when she said, "Newsweek Lied, People Died".
Hidden agendas and prejudical attitudes always end up making us look like foolish and selfishly ambitious spin doctors. This wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that "ideas do have consequences." In this case, the consequence is the death of others. Bad ideas can destroy your children, your family, your business. What are you going to base your ideas on?

I only hope and pray that this desecration of the sacred (to Muslims) is not real and not a practice of our military. Dishonoring anybody or anything is a bad idea to a God who asks us to honor. Honor doesn't just end at honoring our father and mother. It only begins there. We are to "give honor where honor is due." Here is a people, our neighbors, who revere, however mistaken, a book that gives definition and focus to their lives on the earth. Why do we feel we need to dishonor it?

Our simple duty is to give the greatest honor to God, Jesus, and the Bible. If we lift Him up He will draw all people to Himself. Of course you can't lift up truth if you don't know Truth.
You can only lift up that which you know. If you don't know the beauty and glory of Jesus you can never lift Him up. Instead, like the foaming failures of history, an ignorant man attacks that which is not like himself. (In this case the military of the US) For he sees himself as of the highest honor no matter how mistaken he is.

But it is yet another thing when we project upon others our prejudices and bigotry and create lies that have the consequence of bringing about the death of others. But the News Weak authors will probably blame others for this because the idea of personal responsibility for what we do and say has almost been eliminated in the Western world. Newsweek lied, others died.


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