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Friday, May 13, 2005

New Tongue Twisters

I have always loved to play with tongue twisters.
Here are a few I have never heard before from a (can you imagine) tongue twister web site !

A Box of Biscuits
A Box of Mixed Biscuits
And a Biscuit Mixer.
Big Billy, who had a big belly was also a big bully

How much caramel can a canny cannibal cram into a camel,
if a canny cannibal can cram caramel into a camel ?

Good Goodie Twoshoes took two shoes to the Goody Showshine shoe shop
I like Goodie Twoshoes best. It is really tough. Enjoy!


Blogger Doug Donley said...

Brother Bruce, these statistics are certainly alarming and worthy of note. Abuse needs to be talked about and exposed. However, I think you are confusing homosexuality and pedophelia. Not all homosexuals are pedophiles. To lump all homosexuals in this category is irresponsible. I will stand with you in condemning pedophelia and abuse of children. I cannot make the leap to say that the problem is homosexaulity. It's two different things.

12:08 PM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger bruce said...

Hello Doug,
Thanks for looking in at the blog. I think you have posted your comment under the wrong topic though. The comment section is under each blog.

But as far as your commnet goes, I will agree with you. Homosexuals are not pedophiles. Some homosexuals are pedophiles, some are not. But the point of the article is that a disproportionate number of homosexuals are pedophiles. Therefore my conclusion is that anybody, homo or hetro, who abandons himself or herself to sexual sin will end up "freakin'" My point is that "lust is never satisfied" and has consequences.

Whatever your orientation, lust is not a good idea. It leads to destruction of self and others. The only subtle conclusion you can draw from what I am saying is that lust is probably more prevalant among homosexuals because pedophelia is more prevalant. But I never said that directly.

At any rate, thanks for your comments and for looking in on the blog. May God be with you and your family.
Bruce Harpel

2:00 PM, May 16, 2005  

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