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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Homosexual Foster Parent Facts

In the drive to achieve marriage rights, one of the "selling points" that the homosexual community uses is the fact that they can't (in most places) adopt or raise foster children. The argument goes like this... "We can't have children so we should be able to adopt or take in foster kids and raise them." The out cry speaking against this usually says, " But you are morally inferior and will abuse these kids." Then the response to that usually goes something like this. "We do not molest children, the vast majority of children that are molested are molested by heterosexuals." But is that true?

If you do the math, homosexually makes up no more than 5% of our population. Of course the majority (95%?) of child molestation statistically should be by heterosexuals. But these figures are not correct. The data is in. It is about to be published in the mainstream but it has already been published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Let's take a look at the statistics, being generous and kind as we deal with them.

The Illinois Family and Child Welfare department has reported that homosexuals accounted for 34% of the foster kids molested from 1997 through 2002. That is 7 times higher than what we would expect if homosexuals and heterosexuals molest at the same rate.

When examining all of the news stories in all of the worlds largest newspapers from 1980 to 2003 homosexual molestation appeared in 63% of the reported cases.

In 2004 there were 29 molestation stories about foster parents: 19 of these were homosexual (18 male and 1 female offenders) They abused 28 boys and 1 girl. In the 10 stories about heterosexual events, 10 males molested 16 females. Thus 66% of foster parent molestations reported were committed by homosexuals. They accounted for 64% of the victims.

Ten ministers molested their foster-children. 7 of them were homosexual (12 victims) 3 were heterosexual (6 victims) If this were representative of society we could conclude that 75 % of society must be homosexual. But the facts are that only 5% of society is homosexual (actually even less than that) And this 5 % accounted for 75% of the victims.

Ironically, in this newspaper examination, 7 men who won "foster parent of the year" awards or were reported in the news to be "exceptionally caring" were later found to be predators.
4 of them molested as homosexuals (7 victims) and 3 molested as heterosexuals (8 victims)

These are real events reported in the public newspapers. Although homosexuals make up only a small fraction of society they accounted for 35% and up to 75% of all these tragedies.

Here is a link to the information I used to write this article.

You cannot abandon yourself to sin (either homosexual or heterosexual) and not pay the price.
Sin has consequences. Lust is never satisfied. If you focus on your sexuality day after day you will find yourself doing things you never could have imagined when you started down that road.

If you are interested in these sorts of factual information a good source is a place called the Family Research Institute in Colorado Springs, CO Here is their link.


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