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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Three Political Blogs Become One

Little Green Footballs, Armed Liberal, and Roger L Simon are merging to make one big mega blog. (With advice from Instapundit) Why do I feel like these guys will end up chasing the dollar and racing to the middle like every other politician in recent history? Why is it that the nature of man is to become BIG? Bigger than anybody else. Big for big's sake.

It as if they think that big is good. Little is bad. Isn't this simply the fallen nature of man striving to make a name for itself? Big churches, big schools, big government, big cars, big houses, etc.
Of course I have to admit that little is not very exciting, but I know that this lack of excitement is a direct result of my lack of thankfulness for what I do have, and a fallen desire to have more.

At the Tower of Babel man began to express his ambition in terms of building a city and a tower and drawing all mankind to this project. Isn't a "city of faith" and a "prayer tower" the same thing as what happened after the flood? Isn't God's command to "go" ? Isn't the model of the family to constantly break up the main household into little households that grow on their own?

I am sorry, I just don't see how bigger is better. In education, government, Wal-Mart, and Enron, and farms, bigger is not better. How come it is better in blogs? We have all the search robots trained to search the thoughts of man on the internet without the necessity of getting big. Isn't this good enough?

Well, thanks for listening.
You can read about it here.


Anonymous Michael said...

Before you know it, it will cease to be a part of the blog world and cross over into main stream. The whole point of blogs, or so I thought, was it was the voice of the individual and opinions from those who used to have no influence on the news.

Once blogs transition from little guys to main, they cease to have their impact. They become, in essence, a part of the main stream media.

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts. God bless you and thanks for the news.

3:31 PM, May 04, 2005  

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