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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

For Some It's About Money

This is from a local e-news magazine called Pulse. This is an important read to get the behind the scenes information about gay marriage in Minnesota and its politics. The last line I have included is the one that got my attention.

Spear and Coleman hired a part time lobbyist named Steve Endean to shepherd these gay rights bill through the state senate. There were a number of hearings and amendments before all the ordinances finally settled in. Endean was a piece of work. He was in his early 20ís, a college dropout, and stood only about 5 feet, 6 or 7 inches tall in a chubby frame. Everybody called him ìWeebee.î

By day Endean lobbied at city halls and on Capitol Hill. By night he checked coats at popular gay discosófirst at Suttonís which has since folded, then at the Gay `90s which is still the biggest gay bar between Chicago and San Francisco. After bars closed, ìWeebeeî almost literally lived in the local gay bathhouses.

With all this gay contact, Endean got to know both the important closet gays and the hottest young gay guys. He was great at organizing private parties, hand picking guests from both groups. Some of the more outrageous called it ìpimping.î Those parties rivaled the ones in Larry Kramerís novel, ìFaggots: Drugs, sex and rock and roll.î This was how gay money began to flow into the hands of Democrats back then.


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