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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama & Black Liberation Theology

An African American neighborhood kid that grew up in my yard with my kids recently told my son that he thought that Obama was the anti-christ. I don't think Obama is the anti-christ but he will do until the real one comes along.

There was, at first, just something that I could not put my finger on about Obama. He was, "too popular." People did not seem to be reasoning correctly about his bid for president. He was clearly not mature enough to lead this country.

But then, the media made him their darling. It was as if nothing he said or did was being parsed. But I passed this off as just simply the "liberal" press.

Well, now it all comes together. Black liberation theology ! That is what he stands for.

During the 80's I made a trip to the Honduras / Nicaragua border to bring some rice and black beans to some starving Mosquito Indian refugees living there. They were fleeing from the Sandinista government who was killing them as enemies of the state. It was what was known back then as a Contra camp. It was an amazing adventure. During that trip I, as a young pastor, found out about "liberation theology." I actually did a report on what I studied and learned for our denomination.

The keynote of this theology pictures Jesus as not only Savior but also the liberator of the oppressed. Think communist socialism. Think about Che Guevera replacing Jesus on the cross. Think about violent revolution as a doctrine of Christianity. A counter part of this Latino liberation theology was the new urban USA "black liberation theology." Black Muslims and Christians working together for violent revolution. Maybe it is not "violent" anymore, but it is about revolution.

This is what Obama and his wife believe. This is who they are. This is their background. This is what his church was all about. This is why his pastor says, "God damn America."

Here is a great video that has been watched by over 2 million people. Let's hope everyone in the USA watches it. The "theologian" James Cone who Hannity is asked by Jeremiah Wright if he has ever read, has said that the antichrist is the white Christian body. Here is the entire interview with Hannity and Wright.

This needs to be shouted from the housetops. The church needs to explain what is wrong with "liberation theology."
When the Catholic church discovered that its house was full of people who believed this they cleaned house. It is totally not the doctrine of grace, mercy, and love. It is racist at best and communist antichrist at worst. As the world drifts from orthodoxy it is heading for the great apostasy, if it doesn't crash on the hidden rocks first.

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