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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Indecency Complaints Drop

This is from the Washington Times

The number of complaints to the FCC about indecency and obscenity dropped from 317,833 during the final three months of 2004 to 157,650 during the first quarter of this year, according to the agency's report.
The data, included in a report the agency published this month, suggests broadcasters are being more careful about what they air, according to officials with the Parents Television Council (PTC), the conservative group that has crusaded against racy programs.
But the head of a group that opposes stricter industry regulation said the numbers have another meaning: Anti-indecency forces don't feel as compelled to complain to the FCC because they have tightened their grip on the agency's leadership.
But I also read today that the massive increase in fines that were proposed has bogged down in Congress. There still is no great increase. There is a battle for the moral soul of America and the war rages every day as we go about our normal daily affairs. The pornographers now have huge war chests to fight with due to the profitability of porno. The end result of this war is the massive increase of sexual freaks in this country. As the saying goes... First you peek, then you sneak, finally you freak.... ! The dangers of this trend cannot be overstated.

I think we need to keep the pressure up. When you see something that offends you on TV you should write the FCC. I, for one, have not seen any changes yet. Remember, the standard for decency is known as "community standards."


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