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Thursday, February 10, 2005

University Campus News

The Duluth news reported today that 3.4 percent of first-year and 26 percent of fifth-year students feel their credit-card debt is excessive. Grades fall as debt rises.
37 percent of undergraduates ages 18 to 24 say they've engaged in "high-risk" drinking, though the average number of drinks per student at the U of M is lower compared with the nation.
2 percent of students ages 18 to 24 said they became pregnant or had impregnated someone in the past 12 months; 80 percent of those said it was unintended.
37 percent of unintended pregnancies were aborted; 18 percent were miscarriages; 25 percent delivered. Eighteen percent were still pregnant at the time of the survey, and the status of 2 percent was unknown.
1.7 percent of students reported they had been diagnosed as anorexic in their lifetimes; the same percentage said they had been diagnosed with bulimia. Nearly 1 of 4 students with an eating disorder said it has affected their academic performance.

How important it is to reach out to and intervene in the lives of our leaders before they graduate. Bringing them the healing gospel message. Gently prying their hands off of the "hammers" that they keep hitting themselves in the head with. Showing them the healing love of God. These are the leaders of tomorrow. We need to heal them now.


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