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I am now a simple Grandpa who's life is made richer as each grandchild is born. My wife and I have raised five children and the 30 year love labor of raising them has begun to yield sweet fruit..... And then there are fruits of 30 years in ministry ... I am a satisfied old man full of the joy of the Lord.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Toxic Baseball

The Twinkies have a new baseball stadium deal. Rich people finally get to sell their dead property at a high price and fans get to breathe the toxic fumes from the garbage burning plant right next door. I never did understand why downtown was a good place to burn garbage but maybe it will help to make the cotton candy more flavorful? Notice how this was never put to any kind of public debate? Notice how it was a site that never was mentioned in the light of day? Can anybody say,"inside deal?" Oh well, what's a mortal bloke gonna do? Actually, it ain't all that bad, I hope. Maybe I should have called this blog "Industrial Baseball?"
Read about it here.


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